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Hard Level: Rise of the Necromancer
Solitaire Platform Game

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15 - 30

Lizard King

Hard Level is print and play board game where you control your character in a stage like in console or pc platform game. You will try to push through enemies and traps and get to exit while trying to complete objective of the level.

In the Rise of the Necromancer you will fight against evil necromancer that wishes to conquer the world. Stop him before it is too late. You will take control of one of four characters each having their own unique abilities that you can use to punish evil mage.

To play this game you will need up to 6 dice, one pen or pencil and a printed level sheet plus your character sheet. Good mood and hunger for adventure will be handy too.

Provided components:
- manual,
- 5 character sheets,,
- episode one: Rise of the Necromancer (5 level sheets),
Needed components:
- Dice (6 pcs.)
- Pencil

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