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Roll and Rails - base game
Build your railroad emprie using dice, pen and paper.

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Economic Strategy





 In Roll and Rails players take the roles of railway entrepreneurs. Each player develops their own network of railway connections to transport as many goods possible, to earn the most money and glory. Investing in your rolling stock and carefully choosing the path for your iron trail will bring you funds for further expansions, and precious victory points.

Roll and Rails is a roll&write game. It is different from typical games of that genre. The rules are more complicated, this is not just rewriting the score into tables. It is a more challenging game for more demanding players, but it also gives more satisfaction.


Provided components:
- map of Germany
- map of Scotland
- map of Florida
- player sheet
- manual
Needed components:
- Additional die
- Colored pencil for each player
- Dice (5 pcs. per player)
- Pencil

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