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Raiders of the Color Compass
Unique one page choose & color puzzle game

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One Page Creations

Prepare yourself for the unforgettable adventure. Find all seven pieces of lost ark by traveling and coloring map. Use unique variable player powers of your crew: Ranger, Mage, Paladin, Pirate Hunter and Knight. Embark on a journey that takes you across diverse landscapes and terrains. With the help of unique color compass mechanic players are revealing the locations of all seven pieces of the lost ark, at the same time they used the compass as a character skill tree! Play in a cooperative or competitive mode.

With the help of the captivating color compass mechanic, players can explore a character skill tree and discover the elusive locations of all seven fragments of the lost ark. Will you be able to achieve the goal in a given time?

There is also "Parrots” game with the same mechanism included in the base game package with no additional cost.

How to play videos

Provided components:
- game sheet,
- rulebook,
- bonus game,
Needed components:
- Colored pencils (5pcs. red, blue, green, yellow, gray)

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