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Rolling Trains
Roll the dice and rule the rails

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Economic Strategy



Rolling Trains is print'n'play game in roll and write genre for 1-4 players. Your task will be to deliver goods from factories to correct cities. You play on a map without any railroads built. It is your job to construct them and use them for delivery.

Players will play in turns. During each turn, player will gather funds to build railroads, factories and stations. Each turn you roll 3 dice and assign them to actions. Each die result allows you to choose 1 of 3 actions. Available action types are: building railroads, factories or stations and gathering funds. If you do one type of action more, you will do the other types less.

Provided components:
- 2 map sheets for 1 to 4 players,
- 1 map for 1 to 5 players,
- rulebook,
Needed components:
- Colored pencil for each player
- Dice (3 pcs.)
- Pencil

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