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Game about rise and fall of fantasy kingdoms

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Realms of Apocrypha

Legendarium is a Roll and Write game of strategy and risk taking. It's a fast paced game, taking on average 15-30 minutes per game, allowing you to easily fit it into your game night, or to play it multiple times (we usually play at least two games). 

You will forge the story of the rise and decline (and possible destruction) of 5 fantasy kingdoms through 4 ages of myth, scoring points as your kingdoms act in each age. You will also initiate Mythic Moments to add additional flavor (and points) to your myth that you are building.

Provided components:
- game sheet,
- rulebook,
Needed components:
- Dice (6 pcs. in different colors)
- Pencil for each player


Expansions for this game:

» Legendarium - Folktale
» Legendarium - Primordia

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