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Roll&write stained glass glaziers

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Vitreum is roll and write print at home game for unlimited number of players. You and your fellow players become stained glass glaziers. Your job is to create the most beautiful piece of art from glass. During the game you will try to create the best stained glass for your benefactor. He will give you twelve guidelines, upon which he will judge you. It's up to you, how well you will follow these guidelines. Good luck!

To play Vitreum each player will need a single paper sheet and a pencil. You will be using colored pencils (blue, yellow, green and red). Players can share the pool of colored pencils. Additionally you will need two six-sided dice.

Provided components:
- 3 different game sheets,
- rulebook,
Needed components:
- Colored pencils (4pcs. red, blue, green, yellow)
- Dice (2 pcs.)


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