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Magpie continues the trend of Roll and Write Revolution doing out of the box ideas. In Magpie, players play as a magpie who is collecting items (Sticks, Eggs, Worms, Seeds, and Shinies). Each of the players has a hidden bonus card that will enable all players to score points for certain collections. The players will also have a plus or minus value for the Shinies, which are totaled to provide a score.

Further, the magpie players are also fighting for control of the 6 areas. They may instead of destroying the hex space to gain a resource, write in their own player symbol. The player(s) who have the most symbols in each area will score points.

Magpie forces up to four players to really gather in tight as they will all be playing off of the same sheet. Wild interactions will occur and you may wonder if your friends are bird-brains or actually clever.

Also includes a solo player variant where the player is against Martha Magpie and her love for Shinies!

Provided components:
- game sheet,
- 9 cards,
- manual,
Needed components:
- Colored pencil for each player
- Dice (2 pcs.)


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