Coming soon Color Koi

2023-11-14, Shop

As Lizard King informed us, work on the Color Koi campaign is in progress and will probably be launched this week. Here you can find few more detail about this little project.

It is a game about creating the most beautiful pond with Koi fish. You will roll the dice that will determine the colors for the current round. Its players job is to choose the right places to color fish and decorations. Moreover, there will be some crazy origami involved stretch goals, and even Koi Dragon will appear in game addons.

The game is designed for 1–99 players. This one is easy to learn, but hard to put down. Prepare to experience the beauty of Koi fish and compete with your friends to see who can prepare the most beautiful pond.

If you do not want to miss the campaign here is a link to the notification page.

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