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2023-11-23, Shop

New games in our offer. See what goodies we bring for you this time. Fresh games for all roll and write lovers from members of our great family. Come and see!

Town Constructor
A city building roll and write by Carrotpen

Imagine you are a Town Planner and you have a blank sheet of paper in front of you.  You can create your own Town. Players will use dice to determine what buildings are available and control the estate market. You need to make strategic decisions and trade-offs that will affect your town. 

So roll the dice, control estate values, and design Your Urban Paradise! There are also some great expansions for this game. You can find this game and all expansions here.

Fleet of Foxes
A space game by Benjamin Sperling from Roll&Write Revolution.

Fleet of Foxes brings all of the fun of battling your friends with spaceships to roll and write games! It is a game that offers a variety of modes for you to choose from. You can play solo, cooperate with others, or compete against them. Enjoy some shooting action with your friends! You will gain experience, develop your character, and you can even engage in fights with a fleet of enemy spaceships. You can find it here.

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